Watergardens are a true passion of our business. We go the extra mile when it comes to installing a water feature. Our unique style of incorporating a variety of stone and large boulders enhance the design opportunities. We are not only passionate about the appearance of the final project, but creating the optimal eco-system for both plants and fish.

We offer maintenance program options that can provide a 
pristine waterfeature all season long.

For those customers who want a virtually 
maintenace free waterfeature, a pondless system
may be your best option. A reservoir, which is 
normally the pond, is filled with rock in which your
stream/waterfall dissappears into. 
Fish are not a part of this system, but waterplants and 
waterfalls can be installed with endless creativity.

Our water features can be enjoyed all year long and anytime, day or night.

Watergarden designs and services include:

- ponds
- pondless waterfalls
- bog filteration
- streams/waterfalls
- pond maintenance/cleanings
- plant/fish life
- dry creeks

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